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7 reasons why you should go organic

63% of fruits & vegetables retain artificial colors even after wash

Beware: The red in the Apple and the green in the Guava might be injected! The EWG (Environmental Working Group) disclosed findings of a myth-breaking study, which stated that 63% of fruits and vegetables still have residues of artificial colors even after they are thoroughly washed. This is more pronounced in fruits like Apple and vegetables like Brinjal .

20% of everyday food items sold in India are adulterated

The Food Safety and Standards Act of 2011,not withstanding, food adulteration is massive in India. A 2013 study revealed that a good 20% of all food items sold are adulterated. Leading the list is diary products - milk, curd, cheese etc - olive oil and honey. Mixes include lead, artificial dyes and, formaldehyde.

.01% of pesticides used kill bugs in soil. the remaining 99.99% kill you

And they kill you slowly. But surely. Pesticides affect your health through the food you eat, the air you breathe and the water you drink. The impact is so slow that you barely recognize it to begin with. But over a period of time the symptoms begin to show. Study after study has shown a rise in fatal diseases related to stomach, liver and digestive tracts. The only way out is organic food. Organic food is devoid of chemicals that alter the basic body balance and composition.

beware: your home cooked food might be highly impure

The food that you eat everyday isn't the food that you should be ideally eating everyday. The reason: impurities. Fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses are all compromised in terms of their nutrition and health. In an effort to increase yield farmers are resorting to indiscriminate use of pesticides in cultivation. The result: food is cultivated in soil ravaged by harmful chemicals. In other words: impure food. This impure food is further compromised through chemical treatment.

genetically modified seeds can impact growth of our children

Studies have proved that food cultivated from a GMO seed-base can have damaging health effects. Topping the list of resultant illnesses are: blood, nerve disorders.,Cancer, and reproductive defects.

pronounced hormonal imbalance in the very young and very old age groups

Those who regularly eat inorganic food laden with chemicals stand the highest risk of developing health problems. Particularly affected are the very young and the very old, as their immune systems are either partially developed or weakened with age. The very young in particular have a greater chance of developing hormonal imbalance resulting in issues like early onset of puberty and arthritis etc.

eating organic keeps you healthy & improves quality of life

Organic is a life choice. It is a choice that improves quality of life and restores balance in the eco-system. Pesticide-free soil means more nutrition and health from the produce that is grown in it. One-week of eating organic diet reduces pestcides in the human body by 90%. Organic is an investment into our future. Go ahead. Go organic.

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